Fogging systems work dependent on meteorological conditions. Atmospheric humidity and temperature are of great importance when choosing the spraying and stopping time of the system.

The high pressure pump pressurizes the water. pressurized water runs through the pipes. and comes out as very small droplets from the nozzles. While the micro water droplets coming out of the nozzle fly in the air, they become invisible after a short time due to friction. In this way, they increase the humidity in the air. As the spraying continues, after a while the humidity in the air will be 100%. When it reaches this level, water particles can no longer penetrate the air. Because the air will be saturated with water. The sprayed microparticles will hang in the air, after a while they will combine with each other and fall down forming larger water droplets. This will create a feeling of wetness.

For these reasons, it would be ideal to stop fogging before the humidity level is 100% and restart spraying after a period of rest. The water sprayed with a spray-stop, spray-stop system is fed into the air softly. When the spraying time is selected long, this selection may cause a feeling of wetness, since the water carrying capacity of the air is quickly filled.

Spraying and stopping time selection: This time can change at any time of the day. In summer, the spraying time can be selected long in hot moments of the day. In the evening, the spraying time should be shorter and the waiting time should be longer. In fact, the system should be constantly checked while it is operating, and if there is a feeling of wetness, it is necessary to reduce the spraying time and increase the stopping time. It is very easy to select these spray-stop times over the timer with a single button, with the practical menu made easy for you on the Sismist misting main machines.


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