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Each of our products or systems has a promotional video. These videos shows how to install and technical details. Watch videos at the products web page. Anybody can setup this systems, even without experience!


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Humidifying And Cooling Solutions

  • High And Mid Pressure Outdoor Cooling And Misting Systems
  • Industrial Humidification Systems For Textile,
  • Automotive, Ceramic And Many Industrial Places
  • Ultrasonic Fogging Systems (ULV)
  • Misting For Fresh Fish Or Vegetable Stands
  • Automation panels, misting systems for greenhouses, mushroom facilities
  • Disinfectant Spraying Systems For Person Or Vehicle Entrences, Tunnels
  • Industrial Fans

There Is Are Portfolio

There is a few company we was worked before about misting automation, humidifying systems and outdoor cooling systems. Please see our full portfolio right here!

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